The Condor intraoral scanner and camera is now available at EDS

The Condor by Clon3D uses photogrammetry scanning software to take full color realistic scans of your patients’ mouth. Using the same technology google uses to scan buildings for google maps, François Duret spent four years taking that technology and developing a handheld scanner made for oral impressions. Photogrammetry technology allows you to have clear communication about the diagnosis with your patient. You‘ll be able to exam the patient’s mouths without having them in your office.

The average time per quadrant is 60 seconds, making it fast and easy for everyday use. The system is portable for use in multiple operatories, and includes one of the most powerful laptops on the market for fast processing speeds and a lag-free workflow. It creates open .stl files that allows to send to any lab instantly for immediate design. Due to photogrammetric scanning, matching the tooth shade is as easy as looking at the scan.

Now that instant file transferring of impressions is possible, adding additional efficiencies such as reduced turnaround times, or even incorporating the same day design workflow into your practice is now a reality.


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