A Visit from Congressman Chris Collins

Evolution Dental Laboratory was built on the American values of precision, innovation, hard work, and customer service. We were proud to host United States House of Representatives member, Congressman Chris Collins, who has seen, first-hand, the struggles of small businesses and Dental Laboratories due to business lost because of off-shoring and out-sourcing. The Congressman was appointed to be the US House of Representative liaison for the Trump Transition Team. “I am honored and humbled to serve President-elect Trump in this capacity,” said Congressman Collins. “Throughout the campaign I have worked very closely with President-elect Trump … I look forward to continuing that work as we look to put forth an agenda that will Make America Great Again for all Americans,” We at Evolution Dental Science would like to thank and congratulate Congressman Collins for his service and commitment to small businesses, as he supports the future President and his administration within the United States government.