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Implant Restorations

Whether you are preforming a single unit or full arch, Evolution offers comprehensive diagnostics and implant planning. You can be assured that your implant procedure will go smooth

Dentures & Partials

Using Evolution for your removable needs is the smarter choice. EDS offers exclusive services including Duplicate Dentures and permanent denture record.

Surgical Guides

Evolution Dental Science provides many surgical guide options. CAD/CAM surgical guides provide drilling sleeves that accurately guide your twist drills into the exact MD and BL orientation.

Crown & Bridge

Crowns are bridges are a cornerstone of the Dental Lab, Our Technicians can create these restorations in multiple materials including E.Max, Trinia, Zirconia, gold, or Enamic .

Custom Abutments

Our CAD/CAM designers create custom dental abutments to suit your patients’ anatomy and indications. Our custom abutments are fabricated to integrate with your preferred implant platform.

CB-CT Imaging

Use CB-CT DICOM data to 3D treatment plan your next case. CB-CT offers the greatest predictability for establishing the ideal drilling trajectory and depth.

Unmatched Customer Support

We are a full service laboratory that uses advanced technology to manufacturer and design hand finished dental restorations. Our restorations are accurate to the micron while preserving the artistry of matching a tooth shade and appearance.

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