Intelligent Aligners System

Using the latest orthodontic softwares, Evolution Dental Science is able to create a world-class clear aligners system for your patients. Doctors can now administer clear aligners systems at a fraction of the cost thanks to digital manufacturing processes.


  • Comfortable Fit

    we design our clear aligners around many different parameters to insure smooth edges and a uniform fit.

  • Ideal for Minor Orthodontic Movement

    Smart Smile Clear Aligners are an affordable yet well grounded solution for realigning crooked teeth.

  • 6 -18 Month Treatments

    Individuals benefit from a fast and minimally invasive method of improving their smile and well being.


Treatment in Four Easy Steps

Acquire Impressions

Using either; intraoral scanner or traditional impression methods, take a full arch impression.

Send EDS the Impressions

Add "Evolution Dental Science "on your intraoral scanners portal, or fill out this form to join our lab portal.

Treatment Approval

We will send you an 'Aligner Treatment Approval' within 3 days via email.

Processing and Delivery

Schedule your patient 14 days after the first appointment to receive their clear aligners.

Important Files to Download