Connecting with Patients on Facebook

Dentistry is an industry that is unique in the sense that customers typically need a personal connection in order to trust your business. Many patients think that every dentist office is the same. By engaging with your patients on social media you are maintaining a relationship between the patients and the practice in-between appointments. Social media can also be used as a tool to keep your patients updated about the development within your practice. Among all social media platforms, Facebook is ideal for dentistry because it has the largest demographic of people who use it. Users of Facebook are also used to see businesses on their newsfeeds which makes for a more natural engagement. Here are our 5 best tips for having an awesome Facebook page:

1)      Be personal, but professional. Facebook is also a strong tool for expressing your personality to your patients. Posting quality images of you and your team that reminds them of the life changing work you do will build trust and loyalty in your patients’ minds.

2)      Use multiple forms of media. Taking personal photos in office should be about half of your total posts. The other posts should try to grab their attention of your patients and create positive regard for your practice. Quotes, jokes, videos, memes, and special offers will make your practice‘s page more entertaining. Spend some time searching the internet for interesting post ideas.

3)      Boost your posts. Facebook has changed their coding so that business pages only get 1/3 of the traction of personal accounts. This was in hopes of balancing advertising space and posts by people’s friends. In order to get the exposure you want, you should to pay at least $5 per post to reach all of your patients.

4)      Get a professional cover photo. The cover photo is important because it is the main image on the top of the page and should impress your patients with a professional look.

5)      Interact to your patients online. Ask your patients to check in at your office or to post their own content on your practices page. When patients comment on your posts, allows respond because it makes them feel like you are a person not a business.