Tips for Patient Comfort

Although pharmaceutical and surgical advancements have drastically improved the dental experience, patients still worry about going to the dentist. In thinking about how to alleviate a patients worry about the dentist, we must understand what it is that patients worry about. Patients tend to worry about pain during surgery, pain after the treatment, trusting the dentist, and being able to pay the dentist. Here are 4 tips on how to make your practice more comforting to patients.

4 Tips for Patient Comfort

When your patient is addressing their concerns, have your staff paraphrase their concerns back to them.
This allows the patient to know that they are being understood and makes for clearer communication between the patient and your staff.

Let your patients know they can stop to take a breather or spit during treatment.
Patients are worried that pausing will interfere with the surgery but sometimes patients get nervous. Let them know they are in the driver’s seat.

Tell your patients how you will preform the treatment.
Patients worry about trusting the dentist to do their job. By telling them how the treatment proceeds, it reinsure their trust in your education

Communicate the benefits of payment options.
Patients will never seek a treatments in which they don’t think they can afford. Tell them how.