Utilizing 2D and 3D Photography in CAD-CAM

Using Exocad’s Smile Designer

In the last few months our lab has been utilizing photography like never before. With the advancements in Cad-Cam technology we now have the ability to align 2D and 3D photos to the cad design like we have never seen before. Using the software wizard which can walk you right through the step by step process of aligning your 3D mesh of the patients situation to the said 3D or 2D file. As you can see the results are highly accurate rendering our technicians the capability to diagnostically related working situations of function directly to ethics.

One of our clients dr. Vu Le had this to say “I forgot what really made me happy about this case….I had to SLIGHTLY adjust just one tooth’s proximal contacts, and ONE tooth’s occlusion. Just couldn’t get over how well it fit.”

Using the Bellus 3D app in Exocad’s Smile Designer.

To really up the game above you can see august De Oliveira relating the 3D face scan using the iPhone app Bellus 3d which is available on the app store. The doctor using these scans along side of the CB-CT data gives us a full range of understanding were we can relate the scans and check in 3D for horizontal plane and mid-line.

In this case we are evaluating the data for design of a denture using a copy denture technique this along side of the scans give us the ultimate control understanding lip support Horizontal plane and mid-line. We will be speaking about all of this technology coming up at our future courses and are excited to share this knowledge and workflow enhancements with our clientele!